In Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico

We just completed our second night of driving south through Mexico and are having a wonderful time. We had dinner Friday night with our friends Kay and Riley at their home north of Tucson. I was great to see them.

Saturday we headed south and entered Mexico at Nogales. The paperwork and processing seemed relativley simple although of course Duke’s Spanish language skills really helped. The roads were good, all four lane and very straight across the desert. We did see three or four accidents. The countryside was much the same as Arizona and I passed the time learning more Spanish from road signs. One very important new word is Topes. It means speed bump. When you come to a pedestrain crossing or small town it is VERY important to slow down for the Topes.

We spent the night Saturday night in San Carlos, a little town on the coast. From the lookout point outside town the sunset over the Sea of Cortez was stunning.

Today we drove south to Culiacan. Finding our hotel was bit of a challenge since there are no street signs and asking directions at Home Depot didn’t really help, but we are here. We have a modern reasonably priced room with free Internet and are off to dinner soon.

Duke and Marion’s Big adventure

Duke and I are off on a grand adventure. (490 miles so far) We are driving down into Mexico to do some exploring and to stay a week at a condo in Manzanilla. On Wednesday we left Union City and drove to Escondido down near San Diego to spend a day with my parents helping to instal the new printer they received for Christmas and to visit and hel;p with a few other tasks. Tomorrow we are off to Tucson.

I haven’t blogged in a while. Lot’s going on. One of the highlights was a trip to the Computer History Museum right before Christmas. My daughter works there but it was my first visit. It felt like going through a museum of my working career. They had pretty much every computer I ever worked on, IBM 360, Univac, PDP 11, Data General Eclipse, early CP/M machines, the Compaq portable that looked like a sewing machine, Sun machines, and of course PCs. The highlight of the visit was when the guys who had renovated the museum’s PDP1 computer ran it to lead us in Christmas carols. It was so cool to see them run the paper tape programs through the machine and flip the switches on the front of the computer to play the carols. The man running the PDP 1 was one of the original programers of the machine, Peter Samson. According to his wikipedia article “For the restoration project he reverse-engineered music tapes from the PDP-1 era and built a player for the museum.” I highly recommend touring the museum if you get a chance. i plan to go back again soon

My Tag Line

I’m changing the tag line on my blog. Back in May of 2005 when I was starting this blog I posted an entry about choosing my first tag line. What I said then about my brand and my tag line being like the tag line for my own company Me Inc is still very true. More than ever I think of this blog as being a reflection of me.

My original tag line was "My name is Marion Vermazen. I am a community builder and a renaissance woman." I still like to think of myself as a renaissance woman but community building was what I saw as my mission in my job building the PortfolioMinder community and customer care team. Now that I have moved on to pursuing my various interests full time, working for myself rather than for someone else (this is what some refer to as being retired) I have decide to change my one line self description. I like "My name is Marion Vermazen.  I am a renaissance woman working full time to live, to love, to learn, to be useful, and to be interesting."

Giving away Encyclopedias

I want to give away a 1988 Encyclopedia Britannica set, a 1988 Compton’s Encyclopedia set, and a 21 volume set called the Annals of America. If anyone knows of a person or place that would like to have any of these let me know and you will make my day. I’ll be happy to deliver them anywhere in the San Francisco bay area. They are all complete sets and are in great condition.

The Annals of America is kind of a cool set. It has the text of important American documents starting with  a 1493 letter from Christopher Columbus to one of his patrons describing his Discovery of  the New World. and ending with a 1986 article about the Iran Contra Scandal.

What’s new
I am having a fun weekend. My sister and her husband are visiting form Seattle. Barb and Mike are here to meet up with a friend of Barb’s from high school in Australia. Paula and her family are on vacation in the U.S. and are spending a few days in San Francisco. They are coming over for dinner tonight. I haven’t seen Paula in 37 years!