19th Birthday Party for 100.1 The X – Stones for Bones

Reno has a great local FM radio station KTHX branded as 100.1 The X.
The X has been in Reno for 19 years. Last night they celebrated their
birthday  by having a concert for charity. Stones For Bones featured 19
local bands, one for each year The X has been in business. Each band
played a different Rolling Stones song.The concert benefited The Nevada
Opera, The Reno Chamber Orchestra, and The Washoe County School
District's "Music In Schools" program.

Blue Haven at Stones for Bones 

It was a great concert. You would think that with 19 bands it would
drag but you really have to give credit to the people who organized the
show. It moved quickly and was fun! In addition to the bands there were
also a couple of Rolling Stones songs performed by people from The Reno
Chamber Orchestra and The Nevada Opera. There was even a performance
of  You Can't Always Get What You Want by a choir from a local
elementary school with the opera singers and the chamber orchestra. 
They all seemed to be having a great time and the audience loved it. To
hear kids, opera singers, and violins playing The Rollings Stones was
funny and great!

Not only was the music great but the whole event
was just plain fun. Reno has always had a great music culture. It
started back when every casino had an orchestra and it continues today.
All 19 bands in this concert were good and some of them were great. It
sounded like what was happening back stage was amazing too with the musicians connecting,
talking, and generally having a good time. The audience of 500 filled
the Nugget show room and we had great time too.

Guitar Woody & The Boilers

Todd Jonz – Musician and Man of Many Interests – Episode 3 of the Marion Vermazen Podcast

Todd Jonz – Musician and Man of Many Interests – Episode 3 of the Marion Vermazen Podcast

My goal for this podcast is to have interesting conversations with interesting people and to have fun doing it. In this show I interview an old friend, Todd Jonz about his life in rural Vermont and Prince Edward Island, Canada. I think you will enjoy listening to our conversation.


Here are some links to some of the things we discussed

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Rachel Z at Yoshi’s

Last Monday night Duke and I went to see Department of Good & Evil featuring Rachel Z at Yoshi’s. It was the CD release party for their new CD named the same as the group name. What a talented trio. Rachel’s piano playing just dazzled me. Maeve Royce  who played the acoustic bass and Bobbie Rae who played the drums were fantastic too.

I wish I was a more educated music listener. One of my favorites of the pieces that they played was an arrangement of Sting’s “King of Pain”. Unfortunately I can’t remember the original or if I have ever heard it. I certainly enjoyed the performance Monday night and now I want to listen to the Sting song.

Many of the one night stands that we have been to at Yoshis have been awesome. They are usually not sold out so the feeling is very intimate and I often discover something new to me and very special.  Rachel Z is exactly that.

Yoshi’s concerts

In the last couple of weeks we saw two great concerts at Yoshi’s. In some ways they were opposites of each other but what they had in common was how much I enjoyed them.

On Tuesday, March 6 we saw Sean Jones. He is 28 and the lead trumpeter with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. I think all of the guys playing with him were younger than him and in fact a couple of them were still in school but wow! what talent. He only played for one night and it wasn’t sold out but it was clear that he is on the way up. It was wonderful to hear.

Last Sunday, March 11 we  got to see  Stanley Clark. His Yoshi’s bio said:

Bassist, composer, arranger, producer, bandleader and film score
composer, Stanley Clarke is one of the most celebrated bass players in
the world. For over thirty years, Clarke has received virtually every
honor – including a Grammy, seven Grammy nominations and three Emmy
nominations. He was voted Best Bassist by Playboy for 10 consecutive
years and is a member of Guitar Player‘s "Gallery of Greats."

Clark played for 2 shows a night for four nights and all the shows were sold out. I’ve never seen anyone play like him. Part of the time he played the bass like a guitar. The energy level and the music transported me. He is 55 . It was clear that I was in the presence of greatness.