Eyes on the Prize

I read Geoff’s Blog and learned that today is the 50th anniversary of th Supreme Court ruling that bus segregation is unconstitutional. Duke and I have been watching the documentary Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights YearsThe documentary uses actual news footage and interviews with people who were there. The show is very powerful, wonderful, and moving. When I was growing up we did not learn about the civil rights movement in school so watching this show is teaching me a lot about a part of our history about which I know very little. If you get a chance to see Eyes on the Prize I highly recommend it.


We went to see  Duma today. It is set in south Africa and is the story of a boy who adopts a baby cheetah. I enjoyed the movie and the scenery was fantastic.

Last weekend we saw Pride and Prejudice. I was disappointed. I love the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice so much that I am afraid I am spoiled for any other version. I think I would have enjoyed it if I hadn’t had such high hopes for it. Apparently the version they have been showing in the UK has a different ending than the US version, I wonder if British tastes are really that different.

The movie we saw before that was Match Point. The movie starts with a tennis ball hitting the top of the net and hesitating there for a second. The point of this is that luck plays a very big role in how our lives turn out. I found Match Point so nerve racking that I could hardly watch it but I would definitely recommend it.

I still haven’t seen the latest Harry Potter movie or Narnia. I love both books so I am looking forward to seeing them next.

Stanford Theater

If you are ever in the San Francisco bay area and want to do something fun and different I recommend going to see a movie at the Stanford Theater in downtown Palo Alto. The theater was first opened in 1935 and was purchased in 1987 by the David and Lucille Packard Foundation. They have totally renovated it. It is a beautiful theater complete with a pipe organ that rises in front of the screen and is played  between shows.

The theater only plays classic movies. On Sunday we  saw To be or Not to Be with Jack Benny and Carole Lombard and Midnight with Claudette Colbert and  Don Ameche. What fun. Both are entertaining, funny movies. The Stanford Theater is a wonderful place to see a movie.  The building and decorating alone make it worthwhile. It is a great experience.