People I know were on TV!

One of the best things about working at Intuit was the Quality Assurance people that I worked with. They were all professional, hard working and smart. One of them, Anders Mortinson, showed just how smart he is last Friday when he was on Jeopardy. You may have heard that  for the first time ever Jeopardy had a three way tie on Friday. As a result there was even a story about him  in our local paper. He also got to come back to compete again on Monday. A friend told me that at Intuit on Friday they had a pizza party and over
50 people ate pizza and watched the show. Scott Cook even attended.

Last Monday  my daughter Allison was on national TV too! She and her friends were visiting New York and could be seen in the crowd outside the Today Show on NBC. They also got to shake hands with Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, and Al Roker.  Allison is the one with an octopus on her head 🙂


Yoshi’s, What I am Reading, and Charlie Rose – An hour with Michael Crichton

We went to Yoshi’s last night to hear Don Byron. He had a sextet and he played the saxophone and the clarinet.  It was a great show. I really enjoyed it. Duke is a volunteer driver for Yoshi’s and we get free tickets when he drives musicians to the airport. He Just left to drive Don Byron.

Before we went to the show last night we watched Michael Chrichton on Charlie Rose. It was a very interesting interview – One of the best I have seen. Coincidentally I just picked up Michael Chrichton’s book Travels  from the library.

I usually am reading more than one book at a time. Right now I am two thirds of the way through Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris and I have just started Team of Rivals by Doris Hearns Goodwin which I am reading for my non fiction books club. In addition my light reading is Simple Living by Frank Levering and Wanda Urbanska. I’ve read it before but I like to reread books I have enjoyed.






A wide-ranging hour-long conversation with author Michael Crichton.  His latest book is "Next".

Nora Ephron on blogging

I  really enjoy The Charlie Rose Show. He is such a wonderful interviewer. There is a quote quote from Charlie Rose at the top of his web site that captures why I like the show so much. Rose says, "I believe that there is a place in the spectrum of television for really good conversation, if it is informed, spirited, soulful." I love good conversation.

His show last night was very interesting, especially the interview with Nora Ephron. I have seen Rose ask a couple people about blogging lately. Brian Williams the anchor of the NBC Nightly News said basically that he blogs because his bosses told him to. When Rose asked Ephron about her blog she said

"What I like about blogging is that blogs are different. Blogs are almost like soap bubble, they’re what you think at the very moment you are writing it…… Sit down and write, and write it fast and if you’ve been working on it for more than an hour and a half it’s not a blog. It’s something else and you’ve taken too long on it because it should really feel as if it’s true at that moment and then not much longer than that."

I’ve included the link for the whole show below. The quote above comes at about minute 51.


Segment 1: Author John Richardson and art dealer William Acquavella discuss the work of their friend, artist Lucian Freud.

Segment 2: Filmmaker and author Nora Ephron.  Her latest book is "I’m Not Happy About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being A Woman".