Linda Curry – Retired Software Executive, Gardener, Breast Cancer Survivor, Wife , Mother, Grandmother and Friend – Episode 13 Marion Vermazen Podcast

Linda Curry -  Retired Software Executive, Gardener,  Breast Cancer Survivor, Wife , Mother, Grandmother and Friend – Episode 13 Marion Vermazen Podcast

Creating this podcast has reminded me of what amazing and interesting friends I have. A few months ago I interviewed my friend Pat Black. Today's episode of the podcast is a conversation with my friend Linda Curry.

Here is a picture of Linda, Pat and I at my wedding.


Linda and I have been friends for 35 years. Linda recently retired from a career as an executive in the high tech software industry. Most recently she was a Senior Manager for QuickBooks Quality Assurance at Intuit. Prior to working at Intuit Linda’s career included postions as VP of Engineering Services at WebGain, Director of Quality assurance at Remedy, Director of Database quality assurance at Borland, and Senior Manager of Mac System software at Apple. Last year she moved to Reno and lives right around the corner from me. She describes herself as Happily retired from the software world and enjoying relaxation with family, friends, books, gardening, remodeling and all the other things that we like to do in our free time. She is a wife, mother and grandmother and I am honored to call her my friend.


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Renown Institute for Cancer

Army of Women

National Cancer institute



Lisa Louise Cooke – Creator and Host of the Genealogy Gems Podcast – Episode 12 – Marion Vermazen Podcast

Lisa Louise Cooke – Creator and Host of the Genealogy Gems Podcast – Episode 12 – Marion Vermazen Podcast

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Lisa Louise Cooke has been a genealogist since a very young age. She has a passion for genealogy. About three years ago she followed her passion into podcasting and started the Genealogy Gems Podcast. . Today that podcast is one of the most popular genealogy podcasts available. Lisa also does Genealogy training, speaks frequently at conferences nationwide, blogs, produces genealogy training videos, has written a book about genealogy and produces a podcast and writes for Family Tree Magazine.

Here are links to some of the things we discussed in our conversation.

Pat Black – We Talk About Tissue and Organ Donation, Family and Friendship – Episode 10 The Marion Vermazen Podcast

Pat Black -  We Talk About Tissue and Organ Donation, Family and Friendship – Episode 10 The Marion Vermazen Podcast

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When My friend Pat Black and I recently sat down to talk we discussed a wide ranging group of topics including her family's over 150 year history in California, her parents meeting in England during World War II, her work helping to promote organ and tissue donation and our more than 30 year friendship.

If you would like to know more about organ and tissue donation Pat recommended that you check out the Donate Life web site.



Eric Richert – Knowledge Work Infrastructure Consultant, Former VP of Sun Microsystems iWork and Open Work Programs, Hiker, and Director for Kirkwood Meadow Public Utility District – Episode 9 Marion Vermazen Podcast

Eric Richert – Knowledge Work Infrastructure Consultant, Former VP of Sun Microsystems iWork and Open Work Programs, Hiker, and Director for Kirkwood Meadow Public Utility District – Episode 9 Marion Vermazen Podcast

One of the things that I did when I was working at Sun Microsystems was to help develop tools and systems to give Sun employees the best, most productive and effective work environment possible. The products that we developed included a work from home program, a flexible office program and change management and collaborations tools among other things. The program was called Open Work or iWork and I am very proud to have been a part of it.

My guest on the podcast today is Eric Richert who was my boss  during my last few years at Sun. Eric was Vice President, of Open Work Solutions at Sun.


Eric also is an avid hiker and talks about his recent trip to the Dolomites in our conversation

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You can find the article by Horst Rittel  which talks about wicked and tame problems here.

There is also a Horst Rittle Melvin Webber article on the same subject here.

The Wikipedia article about Wicked problems is available here.

If you would like to know more about Sun's Open Work program the Sun web page about Open Work is here


Goals for 2010

When I was working in the corporate world I followed the rule that goals needed to be specific, measurable and have dates associated with them. Now that I am working for myself my goals are much more general and vague and I am good with that! So this year I want to…..

  • Spend more time with friends and family – This is number one and is self explanatory.
  • Blog more – December is usually a bad blogging month for me. This past month I just put up 2 posts. I guess there was too much other stuff going on.  I posted 80 times in 2009. I think I can do better that that in 2010. I was recently invited to cross post at which is exciting and inspiring.
  • Hiking / snowshoeing more – I haven't been out hiking in several weeks or out snowshoeing either. I need to get going!

Sierra Canyon snowshoeing Donner Pass 1-12-2009 013 076

  • Podcast more – I think I averaged about one podcast a month last year.  I also want to submit my podcast to iTunes this year.
  • Improve my Spanish – I've been studying Spanish with Duke's help for a while now.  If I work on it every day I will get better. I'm listening to Podcasts like Show Time Spanish, using Mango languages from the library website, working my way through a grammar text book, trying to read Spanish books and magazines, talking to Duke (he is fluent in Spanish), and anything else I can think of. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • Family History – Keep digging into my family history. Start my family history blog, Contact distant relatives, Find primary sources.


  • Travel – I'm planning a trip with friend to the area around St George, Utah. Duke and I plan to do more exploring on the back roads of Nevada, We'll make lots of shorter trips and for anything beyond that we shall see. The goal though is to travel frequently.
  • Read – I'll keep reading presidential biographies. The next one is John Tyler – The Accidental President. I think I'll keep a list of books read on this blog again this year. I kept a list for the first time last year and it is fun to look back and see what the 35 books were that I read last year.

And then there are the maybes. Things I think I might do next year.

  • I keep thinking I'd like to start a distributed History Book Club. In other words a group of us would get together via Skype or using something like Webex and discuss history and a book we have read. Right now this is just a germ of an idea but I'd be interested in any thoughts people might have about the idea.
  • Start playing the piano again – This will require me to get a piano.
  • Learn more about the geology of Nevada and the rocks I find when we are exploring. Nevada is a wonderful place to be a rock hound. Knowing nothing about geology Duke and I have still collected some great rocks in our exploring.


  • Become a better Amateur Historian – maybe join the historical society, go to the historical places I am studying about, write about what I am learning. Do some history podcast interviews.
  • Write more about history. My friend Beverley Bryant tells her grandson stories form History. I like the idea.
  • Seize opportunities to do new and interesting things.

My Genealogy Interest and

I have been a genealogist off and on since 1969 when my grandfather's cousin, Opal Hanson published the civil war diaries and letters of Oliver S Robinson a great great grand uncle of mine who was killed at Vicksburg during the American civil war. Opal included what she knew about  the genealogy of our family when she published the book. I began corresponding with her  and I even helped a little in the research for her subsequent book The Family History and Genealogy of Sarah and Munson Robinson.

Genealogy research has changed a lot since 1969. For instance when I used to search for my family in the census records I would request the microfilm from the library and then when it came in I would sit at a microfilm reader and search. When I found the family of interest I would copy down what I found. For instance when I searched for and found the Joseph Erb family (my great great grandfather) in the 1880 census in Story County Iowa I created the following extract.


Today when I searching for the family I can just go to the 1880 census on line, search, and there the family is.


I have recently been listening  to genealogy podcasts like Family History – Genealogy Made Easy by Lisa Louise Cooke. In a recent podcast she recommended a site called Lost Cousins. Lost Cousins is so cool. The premise is that if you can specifically identify your ancestors then you can find distant cousins who have also done the same. If you think about it, it is difficult to specifically identify ancestors. What Lost Cousins does is use the exact census page number and the exact census spelling of the name to specify allow you to claim an ancestor.

So I registered that Joseph Erb is on page 343  of the 1880 census and I identified him as a my ancestor. Lost cousins then tells me if anyone else has claimed Joseph as an ancestor. In the case of Joseph no one has. But in the case of another ancestor, Joseph Armitage, I did find a distant cousin who is also researching the family.

Finding all my ancestors in the 1880 U.S. census and in the 1881 Canadian census was really fun. Maybe it is the history geek in me but I love doing historical research and the fact that I was able to find 1880 census entries for 26 ancestors including all but 3 of my Great Great Grandparents was really exciting.

Lost Cousins is a British company. Their web site is Usually registering your ancestors is free but connecting with your cousins requires pay an annual fee of less than $20. But between Christmas and New Years Lost cousins is completely free!!

As I start getting back into family history research I think I am going to create a new blog that you will be able to access
from the bar across the top of the page. It will include bios of my
ancestors that people can find if they do a Google search for one of my
ancestor's names (something genealogists do a lot). My current thinking
is to not include these family history posts as a part of this blog
because family history may be very interesting to the person whose
family it is but it is almost always supremely uninteresting to
everyone else.

Beverley Bryant – Former Professor, College Dean and Politician, Media Relations Expert, Sailor, Tri-athlete – Episode 8 Marion Vermazen Podcast

In episode 8 of the Marion Vermazen Podcast I talk with my friend
Beverley Bryant.

Beverley has had a long and varied career. She was a university
professor and was the first woman dean at Old Dominion University. She has held various senior positions in industry doing
community and media relations and public affairs. She served as an elected
member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and has been active in
political campaigns. Beverley has been an avid sailor her whole life and sails
regularly whenever she gets the chance. She is a competitive swimmer and tri-athlete.



I know you will enjoy listening to our conversation.

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