Paris to Home

We woke up in Paris Wednesday morning to rain.

Paris from our hotel window.

Our hotel called us a cab but it never showed up. Then Duke asked them to call again They did but no one at the cab company was answering. We discussed taking public transit but Charles DeGaule Airport is a long way away and our trip to the airport would have been long and a bit complicated. Eventually Duke had them try to call again and the cab was ordered and showed up.

The rest of our trip home went pretty much according to plan. We flew Paris to Dallas then had a five hour layover in Dallas that turned into a six hour layover when the plane to Reno was delayed. Our friend Linda picked us up at the airport in Reno and drove us home. Thank you Linda! Twenty four hours after waking up in Paris we were tucked into our bed in Reno.

It was a great trip and it’s great to be home. I have several more videos to edit and publish on my YouTube channel and I need to update the itinerary here on the blog to reflect the fast that we didn’t go to Morocco so you will be seeing a few more updates.

Home sweet home