Towards the end of our trips we like to slow down a bit and stay in places for two nights. In Tours we are staying in a bed and breakfast called La Héraudière. Our room is in what was the original farm house. The room is big and very comfortable. There is even a bread oven in our room!

Our room at Le Héraudière.
The bread oven in our room

This morning we booked a tour at La Cave de Vouvray. It was fascinating. The Vouvray region grows almost exclusively Chemin grapes. They make primarily sparkling wines. Over the centuries as the people of this area have quarried limestone for construction projects they have created elaborate cave systems. The Vouvray caves that we toured have three kilometers of galleries!

The caves currently contain five million bottles of wine! The one wall of bottles in this picture is multiple rows deep and contains 141,377 bottles

The tour was incredibly interesting and we had our English speaking guide to ourselves.

The caves
Our guide

At the end of our tour we tasted wine and bought some to ship home.

Wine tasting

This afternoon we went for a short walk along the Loire.

Along the Loire

For dinner we went back into central Tours.

Goat cheese and puff pastry
Caramelized onion and puffed pastry.
Pork chop and sweet potatoes