Tui to Pontevedra

Today we went on a search for Roman bridges. the Romans were in western Iberian peninsula during the first and second centuries. In fact the name of the town where we are tonight, Pontvedra comes from the Latin words for old bridge ( according to Wikipedia).

This morning when we woke up it was very foggy. after breakfast Duke and I went for a walk along the river as the fog was lifting.

Walking along the Minho River near the Parador of Tui.

After checking out we went looking for the Roman bridge in Tui. The Romans really knew how to build bridges. and they are beautiful too.

Ponte Romana Tui

We left Tui and drove southwest into Portugal to see another Roman Bridge.

Ponte românica de Vilar de Mouros

From Vilar de Mouros we drove north back into Spain to the Parador of Pontevedra where we are tonight.

Parador of Pontevedra

We had a picnic in Linda and Ray’s room then had our welcome drinks and played some cards.


For dinner we went to a nearby Tapas place, Meigas Fora. We has calamari, fish and chips, guacamole and salmon with chips, and bread and cheese. It was tasty and fun.

One of our tapas.

We got a chuckle out of the “Old Cow Kebabs” on the menu! Maybe it’s a translation of aged beef?

Old Cow Kebabs

There was even a Roman Bridge picture in our room at the Parador.

Ponte Romano