San Francisco to Lisbon

We are starting another travel adventure. Our first stop is Lisbon.

Sunday afternoon Allison drove Ray, Linda, Duke and I from her house in Walnut Creek to San Francisco airport for our flight to Lisbon. We waited in line for an hour and then when we finally got to the checkin counter the British Airlines agent said “Your flight is tomorrow”. Talk about disconcerting! Our reservation was definitely for Sunday but the flight from London to Lisbon had been cancelled and American Airlines (The trip was booked through them) had unilaterally rebooked us twenty four hours later.

Duke at the check in counter in San Francisco

Eventually British Airlines straightened things out and rebooked us to fly San Francisco to London to Porto to Lisbon. So then we all had to submit new Covid passenger locator forms. Eventually two hours after arriving at the airport we were checked in and ready to go through security.

The new itinerary meant we had to wait six hours in London for our connection. We were late into Porto and had a relatively short connection there. We arrived in Lisbon eight hours later than originally planned but we made it!! After more than 24 hours of travel!

Waiting in London

Our hotel, Pousada Lisboa is right on the main square.

Duke putting his feet up in our hotel room in Lisbon.
The main square in Lisbon