Milan to Home

We are home! Tuesday was a long day but it all went very smoothly and according to plan. We flew from Milan’s Linate airport to London and from London to San Francisco. We had been planning to take BART from the airport to Walnut Creek where we spent the night but three of our grandchildren and their Mother surprised us at the airport. It was so wonderful to see them.

Our wonderful welcoming committee.

Wednesday we drove from Walnut Creek to Reno. Now we are busy going through the mail, doing laundry, and working on all the other things on the todo list.

It was a wonderful trip. I have so far posted 14 videos of our trip on my YouTube channel. I will edit and post the rest over the next couple of weeks. I’m also planning to do a video of Duke and I talking about the trip and our plans for our next trip. Let me know if you have suggestions for questions we should answer.

Thank you all for following along. it makes a trip more fun when we get to share it with others.