Road Trip Day 5 – 2 State Capitols

Duke and I had a busy day today. We started the day in Topeka, Kansas where we walked a short couple of blocks from our hotel to the state Capitol building. The Kansas Capitol building is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. We did a self guided tour.

The Kansas Capitol building in Topeka.
The two wings of the building were built first. Then when they could afford it they added the center.
The Kansas Capitol Dome.
The ornamentation in the Kansas Capitol impressed me.
Duke in the Kansas House of Representatives.

From Topeka we headed east and stopped to see my cousin just north of Kansas City.

Barry and me.

We had a nice visit and then drove to Jefferson City the capital of Missouri. We took a guided tour of the Missouri Capitol building.

Missouri Capitol building

In front of the Missouri Capitol building with Thomas Jefferson.
The Missouri Governors Office.

We left Jefferson City and headed a few hours south. Tonight we are in a comfort in Willow Springs, Missouri.