Road Trip day 3 – Gunnison, Colorado to Coolidge, Kansas

Today we continued to travel east on highway 50. We crossed the continental divide at Monarch Pass (elev. 11,312 ft.) and from there it was all down hill across Colorado following the Arkansas River.

Arkansas River in Colorado

Tonight we are staying Just over the border in Kansas in the little town of Coolidge (population 171 and elevation 3,356).

Coolidge, Kansas City Hall

We are staying in a very nice little cabin at the Trail City Bed and Breakfast.

Our Cabin at the Trail City Bed and Breakfast in Coolidge, Kansas.

The restaurant in Coolidge is closed this week so we drove 15 miles east to Syracuse and had a good steak dinner at the Black Bison Pub.

If you would like to see more pictures of our trip let me know and I’ll add you to the Apple shared album our the Google photos shared album.

Fillmore, Utah to Gunnison, Colorado

We continued to travel east on our road trip today. We are heading to Memphis, Tennessee where we plan to visit my sister and her husband.

Today we drove across southern Utah and into Colorado. Utah has dramatically different scenery than Nevada.


We are still on Highway 50, although today a portion of 50 was closed so we had to take a very windy back road detour. It was slower but beautiful.

Today is my Birthday so I looked for a promising restaurant for a birthday dinner. We ate at Blackstock Bistro and it was fantastic. We shared seared sea scallops on beet chips with bacon, shallots and red wine vineager, and seared beef and goat cheese crostini and roast beet and arugula salad. We could easily have been at a bistro in Barcelona but we were at a bistro in Gunnison!

Birthday dinner at Blackstock Bistro.

On the Road Again – Day 1 of our Road Trip to Iowa with Detours to see Friends and Family.

Today was day one of a three week road trip. We are heading to Iowa for Duke’s high school reunion.

According to our plan, today was the longest day of driving, 500 miles from Reno to Filmore, Utah. We were on highway 50 crossing Nevada for most of the day. Highway 50 is called the loneliest highway in America. We saw lots of sagebrush, mountains, and a couple of small towns.

Highway 50 in the middle of Nevada.

We stopped for a picnic lunch.


It rained some.

For dinner we got some great tacos at Tacos los Panchos in Fillmore.