Reno to Walnut Creek

It is not an auspicious way to start a trip. After our flight from Reno to Oakland yesterday we waited at the baggage carousel to claim our bags. Duke’s bags came but mine didn’t! Southwest had lost my suitcase! We filed a lost luggage claim form. I had visions of buying a new wardrobe in Europe, not necessarily a bad thing.

Allison and Maddie picked us up and we headed for Walnut Creek. About halfway there my phone rang. It was Southwest saying they had found the bag. We turned around and got the bag. Thank goodness!

We’ve had a fun few hours visiting here in Walnut Creek. We went to see some lady bugs.

Then we played at the park and went out for hamburgers for dinner. This morning we went for a hike. This afternoon we will be on a Norwegian airlines flight from Oakland to Barcelona.