Chivay to Puno – Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday morning we got a taxi from our hotel into Chivay. While we were waiting in the square for our bus a couple of cute young boys asked if we wanted pictures with their lamb and baby llama and baby alpaca. We said no but then Duke got into a conversation with them and we decided to take a picture. 

To get from Chivay to Puno we took a tourist bus. It is the first time we have done that on this trip. We had a guide and we stopped for a snack, a sandwich and coca tea. 

The trip was six and a half hours. We went through the Aguada National Park and saw lots of wild vicuña. Back in 1976 vicuña were put on the endangered species list. They were hunted for their wool. There were only 6,000 left. Now there are 350,000. 

Tonight we are in Puno on the shore of Lake Titicaca. I think this is the highest altitude we have ever spent the night except perhaps on the hike up Mt Whitney many years ago! We are at 12,580 ft. 

Colca Canyon – Friday and Saturday, October 21-22

We made it! Friday we hiked down 3,500 ft to the bottom of Colca Canyon. We stayed in a small cabin, had dinner and shared a beer by the pool and Duke went swimming. You have to buy tickets to hike in the canyon. Each ticket costs $21. 

Saturday we hiked back up again. We spent the night in a hotel near Chivay. The hotel clerk warned us to let the water run for five minutes to let it get hot.  When the water got hot the showers sure felt good.