Nazca to Arequipa – Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We stayed in Nazca Monday night. Nazca is most well known for the Nazca Lines. These ancient figures etched into the desert floor were created by the Nazca people about 2000 years ago. Many people take tours to see the figures from small planes but we took a land tour this morning to see what we could from the ground. 

We went back out of town the way we came in yesterday.  We climbed a couple of towers and went to the Casa Museo Maria Reiche. Marie Reiche is the German women who helped publicize the lines and save them from destruction. It was amazing to me that at ground level or even from our bus yesterday you wouldn’t realize there was anything to see but from the tower you could clearly see that the giant figures were there. 

We finished our tour around noon and then at 2:30 we caught the bus to Arequipa. This time we were in the first class seats on the bottom floor of the bus. It was quire comfortable.  The first part of the trip was through an empty moonscape landscape. 

We were supposed to get to Arequipa about midnight.  Unfortunately with four hours to go our bus broke down. They brought out a replacement bus and we were back to cramped seats. We ended up getting to Arequipa about 4 am.