25 Randon things

I very rarely do the things requested when I get tagged. But for some reason this Facebook meme grabbed my interest. Plus I am reading Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher and one of her exercises is to make a list of the things you have done so here is 25 Randon Things about me. I have also posted this on Facebook.

1. I was a certified scuba diver but haven't dived in 20+ years

2. I had a general class amateur radio license and I know morse code.

3. I have a computer science degree from Iowa State University. I
worked in the computer industry for almost 30 years at Boeing, Sperry
Univac, Spectra Medical Systems, Digital Research, Ansa Software, Sun
Microsystems and Intuit.

4. At Digital Research I managed one of the first software support
organizations in the home computer industry. Our product CP/M was the
first home computer operating system for micro computers.

5. I had never had a job before I graduated from college and started as a software engineer at Boeing

6. I took all the required classes and passed the CFP (Certified Financial Advisaor) 2 day exam

7. I went to High School in Australia but graduated from High School in London

8. I know how to sail and have basic keel boat certification. I was a sailboat racer in college.

9. I'm into Genealogy

10. I studied French and Latin in School but now I am teaching myself Spanish

11. About a year and a half ago I started taking Yoga classes.

12. I have taken flute and guitar lessons but most recently I took several years of piano lessons

13. I have two wonderful daughters and one very cool grandson who is 2 and a half.

14. I love to read. I just got a Kindle. I have a goal to read a
biography of each of our presidents. I'd like to write a biography some

15. I've climbed Mount Whitney.

16. I love to hike and snow shoe. I used to cross country ski.

17. I consider myself a renaissance woman because I have so many
interests and am always interested in trying and learning about new
things. My goal in life is to be interesting.

18. I joined a sorority in college (Delta Zeta)

19. Charlie Rose is my favorite TV show. I would like to start a podcast interviewing interesting people.

20. My guilty pleasure TV is watching Survivor.

21. I have a blog. I started blogging in September 2004. Blogging is something I love to do.

22. I love to travel. My favorite country is England. I have a long list of places I want to visit.

23. My Mom died in July 2007. I miss her. My Dad moved to Reno last
year to be near me. I spend about 24 hours a week as his secretary and
chauffeur. My parents were always marvelously supportive. They are the
reason I am who I am today.

24. I was born in Hibbing Minnesota and spent the first 12 years of my life in Bismarck North Dakota.

25. I met my husband Duke on Match.com We have been married for 5 and a half wonderful years