Thomas Jefferson’s advice on how to be interesting.

One of the podcasts I really enjoy is the Thomas Jefferson Hour with Clay Jenkinson. Jenkinson portrays Thomas Jefferson our third president  and has been doing so for many years. A podcast I just listened to is an audio recording of a iChat video conference he did with a fifth grade class in Naperville , Illinois (episode 757). It is great fun to listen to the questions the fifth graders asked President Jefferson and to listen to his answers. I especially liked his advice to the fifth graders in closing.

  1. Read, read read – As a child Jefferson said he read 10 hours a day.
  2. Learn languages – at least two. Jefferson knew 8 languages
  3. Learn to play a musical instrument – Jefferson played the pianoforte and the violin

Jefferson said that if you do these things you can not help but be an interesting person.

Be interesting is one of my big goals in life and I was pleased to see that I am working on all three of Jefferson's suggestions.

  1. I love to read and have been doing a lot of reading lately
  2. I have studied French and I am currently studying Spanish
  3. I play the piano.