Road Trip – Canada – Riding Mountain National Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Keewatin, Ontario

Day 9 – Monday, September 1 -   Brandon, Manitoba, Canada to Winnipeg- Today  398 miles – total 2506 miles
Monday we left Brandon and headed north into Riding Mountain National Park. It started to rain soon after we got into the car and rained all day. In the national park we saw several buffalo and finally saw our first bears of the trip. We didn't see any bear in Yellowstone but we did see a mother bear and two cubs in Riding Mountain.

In the area north of Winnipeg we saw quite a bit of flooding. Apparently they have had a very wet summer and this additional rain had no where to go. We drove down the west coast of lake Winnipeg and spent the night in Winnipeg.

Day 10 – Tuesday, September 2 -  Winnipeg, Manitoba to Keewatin, Ontario – Today  188 miles – total 2694 miles

It is still rainy and overcast today. We decided to make a short day of it and and only drive to the Kenora area today. Kenora is at the north end of Lake of the Woods. We are stying at a lovely B&B overlooking Spruce Lake and have decided to spend two nights here. For dinner we ate at the top of the Best Western Hotel which is up seven stories overlooking Lake of the Woods. We had a wonderful view of the lake and al the islands many of which have cabins on them. The first picture below was taken from the balcony of our B&B. The second is from the restaurant where we had dinner tonight.

Road Trip Fall 2008 012
Road Trip Fall 2008 014 

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