Road Trip – Bismarck to Brandon

Day 8 – Sunday, August 31 -  Bismarck, North Dakota to Brandon, Manitoba, Canada – Today 365 miles miles – total 2108 miles

Sunday we left Bismarck and headed north. We stopped to look at the site of an old Indian village overlooking the Missouri. Farther north we stopped to check out Garrison Dam. It is the  fifth largest earthen dam in the world. Back before it was completed in 1954 they would never build homes along the river south of Bismarck. On this trip we saw lots of big expensive homes right on the river.

We had a picnic lunch in Minot. (That is where my Dad was born.) From Minot we went to the International Peace Garden. It is a beautiful big park and garden straddling the border and celebrating the peace between the U.S. and Canada.


Our border crossing went relatively smoothly although we must look suspicious because we were the only car that they asked to pull over. We had to get out while they searched us and the car for drugs or guns. They didn't find any!

We spent Sunday night about 80 miles north of the borer in the second largest city in Manitoba, Brandon, Manitoba. The population here is about 43,000. The weather has really cooled off. A cold front is going through. It was hot when we crossed the border but by the time we got here it was very windy and cold. Between the border and Brandon we did stop for a picture in Boissevain. They have a 22 foot statue of Tommy the Turtle!

Road Trip Fall 2008 127

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