Santa Cruz de Tenerife

What a difference a day makes. Although it is still a bit hazy today you can see blue sky and the sand is gone from the air. When I woke up briefly at 4am I could still hear the party going on. But when we went out to get coffee around 9:30 it was very quiet and the street were being cleaned. Without the sandy air, pink skies and drunk partiers Santa Cruz is a much nicer place.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Street.

Museums are closed on Mondays and many of the stores are closed for Carnival. This afternoon we went for a long walk along the waterfront.

Offshore subsea construction vessel (OSCV) on the left and semi-submersible accommodation and construction support vessel on the right. On the Santa Cruz de Tenerife waterfront.

We ate dinner at a great restaurant called Etereo by Pedro Nel about half a mile from our hotel.

Crab salad to share
1.1 Kg Steak to share
Apple with cinnamon ice cream crumble to share

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