London – Day 2

Neither of us slept very well last night but we still managed to get to the 20 Frenchchurch Street building by just after ten so that we could go up to the Skygarden without a reservation. What fantastic views!

The Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
The Skygarden

We had a great lunch at a pub near our hotel.

Steak and blue cheese pie.
Sausage Roll

Then we visited the Museum of London. They had exhibits from before the Romans, through the Angles and Saxons to the present day.

A model of an old London Theater

This evening we are staying in a micro room at a hotel In Gatwick Airport. Early tomorrow we head to the Canary Islands.

For those of you who are interested I have a YouTube channel where I post trip videos every few days. If you subscribe to the channel it will help me get my own domain name eventually. In the meantime this link will take you to the channel. I just posted my first video of this trip.