Honomu to Captain Cook, Hawaii – 29 January, 2019 – Across the top of Hawaii, We complete our Circumnavigation of the Island

The east side of the Island of Hawaii is a very wet rainforest and the west side is dry semi desert. We got proof today! When we left our hotel in Honomu we were in a torrential down pour. As we crossed the top of the island the weather dried up. When we arrived at our hotel overlooking the west coast of the island it was sunny and dry. It appeared not to have rained in a long time.

Today we drove across the north end of the island. We drove through part of Parker Ranch, one of the biggest cattle ranches in the country and we stopped at the Parker Ranch Shopping Center and visitor center.

We drove a four wheel drive road on the extreme north coast and hiked to an ancient Heiau where early Hawaiians performed human sacrifices.

Our last stop was the Hamakua Macadamia Nut Factory. We could see the processing area through the glass and enjoy the free samples.