San Augustin Archaeological Park Day 4

Today we walked a mile and a half over to the entrance to the park. About half way through our walk it started to rain and we got a bit wet.

From there we caught the bus into San Augustin. We changed money, walked around exploring, and stopped for coffee.

When we first arrived in town we found the bank where the daughter of the family Duke stayed with in 1980 works. The bank was closed for lunch so we came back at two. When we got back we found our way to the manager’s office. There were several clerks outside the office and a lot of people waiting their turns.

Duke stuck his head into her office. When she was done with her customer Duke went in and showed her the pictures from 1980. She was very happy to see them and they talked for about five minutes. She insisted we go show the pictures to her mother who lives about four blocks away.

We found the house. Her sisters and mother were there and we had fun laughing and talking. It was all quite an experience.

When we were done we caught a taxi back to our hotel.

Dinner at the hotel. My appetizer was topped with a quail egg.

For our main courses we had chicken and risotto.