La Granja

Sunday, February 28, 2016

We woke up this morning to about a foot of new snow. We had planned to drive and visit several sites in this area since we are staying in La Granja two nights. But we are pretty much snowed in.


We had a lot of fun walking around town with everyone else enjoying the snow. We had coffee and explored a bit of the famous palace gardens. We saw people on snowshoes, cross country skis and sleds. We overheard one person say that it has been four years since they have had snow like this.





After a couple of hours out exploring we went back to the hotel and had hot chocolate and cookies. We spent the afternoon reading and napping.


We also spent some time digging out our car. We didn’t have a shovel but we improvised and Duke was able to move the car a bit so that we should be able to get out in the morning unless we get more snow.


We are supposed to turn our car in at the Madrid airport tomorrow and catch a 12:15 plane to Istanbul. Although we are only 81 km from Madrid there is a mountain range between us and Madrid. The motorway goes through a tunnel through the mountain so that is good. Right now it is 45 in Madrid and 34 here! Hopefully we will make it to Madrid and catch our plane.