Taking it Easy

Today was our last day in Torremolinos. So we took it easy. We did a lot of reading. The weather was absolutely perfect. We went for a long walk along the beech. Since it is Sunday and such a nice day it seemed like everyone else was out too.




For dinner we went back to the place we ate last night and had sangria and the seafood platter.



Tomorrow we get a relatively early train to Ronda. But first we need to climb the 173 steps with our luggage up to take the subway to the train station in Málaga.



Our hotel in Torremolinos is on the beech. To get up to the town and the train station we climb a lot of steps. Excellent exercise!!


Today we climbed up to the train station and caught the train into Málaga to go to to the Málaga Picasso Museum. Picasso was born Málago and lived the first twenty years of his life here. The museum has more than 200 of Picasso’s works.

In the basement are the Phoenician, Roman, Islamic and Renaissance archaeological findings from when they built the museum.


I missed it but while we were in the Picasso Museum Duke saw an older gentleman bringing his glasses to his eyes while his cane was still in his hand. He almost put his cane through a 400 year old painting that was being displayed because it influenced Picasso. One of the guards threw herself between the painting and the cane and barely saved the painting. Afterwards she tried to tell him to be careful but who knows if he understood. The guard was still recovering when we moved on.

We left the museum and took a break for some coffee



Then we went to the Picasso birth place museum which was also excellent.



Then we took the train back to Torremolinos and had a great dinner near our hotel.