Road Trip – Oklahoma City

Sunday night we were in Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma. We had a great dinner overlooking Lake Hefner and then found a relatively dark place near the lake to watch the lunar eclipse.



Monday morning we toured the Capitol. When it was built they ran out of money so for about 100 years it didn't have a dome. Starting in 2001 they added one.



The statue on top of the Capitol is 22 feet 9 inches tall. The replica I am looking at is 9 feet tall.



We took the self guided tour. It is a beautiful building.



Now we are on our way to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are going 535 miles today. This is day 30 of our road trip. The only day we drove farther was back on day 9 when we were in Canada going from Moose Jaw to Kenora about 1200 miles north of here.


Road trip – Little Rock

Our car is headed west towards Reno. There are only a few days left in our five week road trip. Saturday night we were in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since it was the weekend the Capitol building was not open but we explored the grounds of the Arkansas Capitol.



We also visited the Clinton Presidential Library and enjoyed local beers overlooking the Arkansas River.