The Journey to Lake Atitlan

Our trip so far has included some difficult travels interspersed with Islands of magical places to stay and wonderful food. Today we left the hotel in Huehuetenango early and took a cab ride to the bus station.

We got on a brightly colored bus and waited about an hour for it to leave town. The bus was going to Guatemala City. When all the seats were taken they put stools in the aisle for the people who got on later, We got off at the stop nearest to Lake Atitlan and took the local bus that was pointed out to us.

At the end of the route we got off. Duke did some shopping and I watched the teenagers who were in town for the marching band competition. The uniforms and flag girls looked incongruous next to the local people who were all wearing traditional dress.

When we asked directions to the dock we discovered that we were in the wrong town only half way down to the lake. So on to another local bus. When the local buses got full a woman in traditional dress would just sit down next to me and push making it a three person seat.

When we got to Lake Atitlan we caught a small boat for a 20 minute ride to this amazing place we are staying, La Casa del Mundo. They have their own private dock and our room is cut into the cliff. We look out at the lake and the two volcanoes. Unfortunately it is overcast but it is still an amazing place. Check out their website at

The Journey to Lake Atitlan

The Journey to Lake Atitlan

The Journey to Lake Atitlan

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