Teotitlán, Hierve el Agua, and our Day Trip

Tonight is our last night in Oaxaca. Before I start sharing our adventures today I want you to see two picture of the roof top terrace at La Secreta where we are staying. If you look at this post from our trip to Oaxaca three years ago you can see the roof before it was decorated. Below I have included a picture of the roof now. We have enjoyed going up there after dinner every night that we have been here.

Tiotitlan, Hierve el Agua, and our Day Trip


This morning after breakfast we took the car out of the parking lot and headed out of town to the valley east of Oaxaca. Teotitlán is a village that is known for its weavers and woven rugs and fabric. We wandered around the town admiring rugs and settled on one we liked. We needed cash to pay for it which meant that we had to go to a town further east that has an ATM. We had been told about a formation even further east that is called Hierve el Agua which means the water boils. It is a cold spring that has left deposits formng a dry waterfall.

We decided to go find it. Even though we had been told it was a long windy road that was dirt for the last part we really had no idea how long and bad the road was. The countryside and villages were fascinating and beautiful but the formation itself was a bit of a disappointment.

Tiotitlan, Hierve el Agua, and our Day Trip

Tiotitlan, Hierve el Agua, and our Day Trip

We too k a few pictures and then drove back to Teotitlán to buy the rug we had been discussing and pondering whether to get. I am really glad we bought it. I think we will hang it over the bed in our bedroom..

Tiotitlan, Hierve el Agua, and our Day Trip

Tiotitlan, Hierve el Agua, and our Day Trip

Tomorrow we head to San Cristobol de las Casaas

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