I’m Starting my Blog again and I’m an H&R Block Tax Professional

Last February I posted about ending this blog. Since then I blogged about our six week trip through Mexico but that has been it. One of the things I pondered in my last post was why I blog. A reason to blog that I didn't mention because I was retired is that my blog helps define and publicize the Marion Vermazen Brand – Me Inc! It helps people know who I am. But now I am no longer retired. 

Last Fall I decided to take the H&R Block Tax class. I'll talk more about that experience in my next post. Taking the class is no guarantee that H&R Block will hire you as a tax preparer but in my case I was hired. So when the H&R Block offices open for the tax season next week I will be working at Reno's H&R Block Keystone office.

I'll be building my client base and I'll be continuing to learn more about taxes. Those of you who know me or have followed this blog for a while will know that while I was still working at Sun Microsystems I started to take classes in Personal Financial Planning at UC Santa Cruz. I completed all the required classes to get the certificate in Financial Planning and then I took and passed the 2 day Certified Fanancial Planner certification exam. I am not a CFP because I didn't complete the required two years of practical experience but I am looking forward to learning more about the tax aspects of finanacial planning working at H&R Block.

Christmas 2011 (53)

I'm starting this blog up again partly to help build my client base and help people get to know me. But mainly I am starting the blog again for me. I enjoy talking about my life. The picture above was taken at Christmas. It is of my Father, me, my two daughters, and my two grandchildren. I'm sure I'll be talking about them  and I'll be talking about my H&R Block experiences and about me and what I'm up to, what I'm reading, what I'm learning, what I'm knitting, where I'm hiking, what I'm thinking. Hopefully it is obvious that this is a personal blog and everything I saw is my own opinion and does not in any way represent H&R Block.

I'm a bit nervous about starting doing taxes. I'm confident I'll be good at it so maybe the nerves are a good thing. They will just make me better and I have the H&R Block guarantee behind me! So if you know someone who needs a smart, accurate and professional person to do their taxes just send them my way. You don't even have to be in Reno. 

Starting up this blog again feels good. It feels fun. My friend Linda gave me a little books called How to Make a Journal of your Life by D. Price. Thanks Linda you inspired me.


Author: marionvermazen

I am a traveler, hiker, avid reader, Sun alumnus, computer geek, Spanish and French language student, knitter and genealogist. I am retired after working for almost 30 years in the Computer Industry. I live in Reno, Nevada with my husband Duke.

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