Mazatlan, Alamos and San Carlos

Friday morning we drove to Mazatlan. Duke had booked a room on Priceline for two nights. It turned out to be a beautiful resort on the beach north of Mazatlan. When we checked in we agreed to be signed up for the Saturday morning time share presentation. For attending we would get $150 in food credit at the resort.

We went for a swim in one of their pools and then drove down into Mazatlan where we found a restaurant on the beach and had shrimp and fish for dinner.

It rained all day Saturday which was kind of nice because it was still warm but the lack of sun made it not too hot. Our time share sales pitch turned out to be really interesting. Our sales guy was originally from Minnesota,but has lived in Mexico for seventeen years. He wasn't too high pressure and we learned a lot. He said because so many Americans are afraid to travel to Mexico they are selling and marketing more to Mexicans. We had a tour and a great breakfast. It is a beautiful property.

After the sales pitch we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the veranda reading and enjoying the stunning view.

Road trip 2011 009

Road trip 2011 003

 From Mazatlan we drove to Alamos. We visited Alamos on our trip in 2007. It is a wonderful old colonial mining town. It is very small and fun to explore. We wanted to stay where we stayed in 2007 but it is now a private residence. Instead we found a wonderful eco lodge El Pedregal run by an American couple who moved to Alamos almost 20 years ago. We had our own quiet little cabin and the best bed we had on the whole trip.

Road trip 2011 001

We explored Alamos Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning we had a great breakfast at El Padregal and a fascinating talk with Dave and Jennifer, the owners. They lead tours and built El Pedregal a few years ago. the state department travel warnings have really hurt their business and make no sense to them. I think a bird tour with them would be a lot of fun.

  Road trip 2011 007

Monday morning after a wonderful breakfast on the porch at El Pedregal we headed north again to San Carlos on the Sea of Cortez. We've been here before too. After checking in to our Best Western we explored the coast a bit and had a great shrimp dinner. This morning, Tuesday we are leaving for Tucson and the end of our Mexican adventure. It has been wonderful.

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