To the Uneso World Heritage Town of Campeche

Friday morning we left Ciudad del Carmen and headed north east along the coast to Campeche. To quote Lonely Planet:

"Campache is a colonial fairyland, its walled city center a tight enclave of perfectly restored pastel buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, fortified ramparts and well preserved mansions" Road trip 2011 027


Campache was first settled by the Europeans ini 1531, making it almost 500 years old. Multiple pirate raids prompted Spain to eventually build a wall around the city. parts of the wall and seven of the bulwarks are still standing.

We stayed at a wonderful very reasonably priced hotel  recommended by Lonely Planet The Hotel Lopez. This is the view from our room. The building we saw through the window is of the Ex Templo de San Jose.

Road trip 2011 002

The hotel is located only a few blocks from the main square. Friday afternoon we explored some of the parts of the old wall and the Mayan architecture Museum.

Road trip 2011 009

This picture is of  the main square and the cathedral.

Road trip 2011 006

Apparently I never played fort as a kid because I couldn't figure out what Duke is doing in this picture. I guess you put your hat some place as a target and look over the wall someplace else so the pirates will shoot at the hat not at you.

Road trip 2011 019

After a siesta at the hotel to get away from the heat and humidity we went out for a walk along the ocean front. We sat for a while and watched the daily dance/exercise group and the sunset which was out over the gulf since Camache looks west.

Road trip 2011 029

Road trip 2011 028

Road trip 2011 031

While we were sitting on the sea wall some people came along handing out these for world youth day. They gave it ti Duke!

Road trip 2011 037

After dinner we sat in the square and listened to music and people watched. I really like Campeche

Road trip 2011 036

I thought you might be interested to know that gas is $2.94. There is only one oil company the government oil company Pemex


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