Eden, New South Wales

Duke and I are on a month long vacation in Australia. We are finishing up week three. Right now (Thursday morning) we are in Eden New South Wales. Eden is just north of the new South Wales, Victoria Border.

We left Sydney Last Saturday and spent the night in Woolongong. Sunday we drove from Woolongong to Huskisson on Jarvis Bay. Monday morning was beautiful and sunny. We went for a walk along the coast before leaving Huskisson.


The raod does not always exactly follow the coast so as we drove south on Monday we made some detours over to headlands and beaches. We eventually stopped in Narooma and spent the night at the Whale Motor Inn. Narooma has a wonderful boardwalk along the Wagonga River just before it empties into the Pacific. We walked along the boardwalk down to the ocean and saw thousands of fish, some really cool jelly fish and a couple of stingrays.


It was starting to rain again and we even saw a rainbow. After our walk we ate dinner at the Whale Inn overlooking the bay.


Tuesday morning as we headed south again we stopped at a little village called Central Tilba. It had lots of tourist shops and an old Cheese factory. We bought some cheese and browsed a bit.


 We stopped for a picnic lunch in Bermagui. Here I am looking for whales with the binoculars.


In the afternoon we stopped to hike at Mimosa Rocks National Park. We hiked out to Wajurda Point. We have seen whales at almost every overlook we have stopped at. At this overlook we saw some whales crossing the mouth of the bay below us. For about twenty minutes they put on quite a show, breaching, diving and sticking their flippers up. It was awesome.


We spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Eden. That's where we are now. We found this absolutely wonderful B&B, The Snugcove B&B. We have a room overlooking the harbor and each morning we have eaten a fantastic breakfast on the deck watching the boats and the birds on the bay.

Tuesday night we walked down to the wharf, bought fish and chips for dinner and ate them sitting on a bench watching the sunset.

Wednesday we explored around Eden walked out on the Navy Pier. We also visited an old light tower built by a Ben Boyd an 18th century entrepreneur and schemer. We visited the old whaling station and the whaling museum.

Tuesday night was special because we went out to have dinner with a distant cousin of Duke's and his wife and son. They showed us all around their  property and gave us a fantastic dinner. We had a wonderful time.


 Eden is my absolute favorite coastal town we have visited. Most of the shoreline of the harbor is park land. The town is a real fishing town and not too touristy, and the Snug Cove B&B is my favorite place we have stayed on this trip and now we have friends as well as relatives here. I'd like to come back.



Author: marionvermazen

I am a traveler, hiker, avid reader, Sun alumnus, computer geek, Spanish and French language student, knitter and genealogist. I am retired after working for almost 30 years in the Computer Industry. I live in Reno, Nevada with my husband Duke.

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