My Daughter’s Wedding

On September 5 my youngest daughter got married. I'd like to share some of the pictures and memories from the wonderful day.

Shannon did a awesome job of of planning and putting together the wedding. In addition to helping raise a very active little boy who turned four the weekend before the wedding Shannon is starting law school and she worked full time up to two weeks before the wedding.  I am in awe of all that she accomplished. It was truly perfect.

Here are Shannon, My Dad, and and me before we left the hotel for Lover's Point in Pacific Grove where the wedding was held.

Shan Dad Me standing

And here are Shannon and her attendants.

Bride and attendants 

The ring bearer and flower girl waiting for the wedding to start. I always worry a bit when kids are in a wedding but they each took the job very seriously and did an excellent job.

Aidan and Juliana before the wedding

My oldest daughter Allison escorted me to my seat.

Allie and Me 

My grandson Aidan was the ring bearer


And here is the wedding party waiting for the bride.

Aidan and party

The ceremony was beautiful. The minister read letters that Shan and Bill wrote to each other specially for the wedding about why they love each other. He talked about all it takes to make a marriage. I was so happy to have it all be so special.

The ceremony

The wedding included a sand ceremony. Aidan, Bill, and Shan poured sand together symbolizing their family. 

The sand ceremony 

The recessional music was the theme from Rocky. It was great! Everyone cheered including the casual spectators who happened to be spending Sunday afternoon in the park.

Bride and groom 

Aidan and Juliana 

I don't think they could have picked a more perfect place for a wedding.

Lovers Point

When we got to the reception Aidan took a nap in Lauren's lap. Notice that he has his favorite stuffed dog under his arm.


Aidans nap 

Then at the reception Aidan was ready to party. He said the grace before the meal and even gave a toast. The party was fun I think everyone including the kids had a great time.


Aidan toast

I'd especially like to thank Rose, Sylvia, and Roger for all these great pictures!

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