The Blind Side by Michael Lewis

On our road trip I finished reading
The Blind Side by Michael Lewis
and I am adding it to my
list of books completed in 2010

I saw the movie Blind Side
with Sandra Bullock and I really enjoyed it. I assumed that it probably
wasn't worth reading the book since I already knew the story. But as
happens to me a lot, I enjoyed the book even more than the movie. I am a
fan of Michael Lewis' writing. His
baseball book, Moneyball
, is one of my favorite books.

Blind Side is a very readable book, it gives you the real story of
Michael Oher but it also educates you about football, college athletics, recruiting, and everything a poor black kid from an inner city slum faces in life. It is impossible to overstate how disadvantaged Michael
Oher was. The Blind Side really makes you think about our society,
poverty and of course football. I highly recommend this book. I am putting Lewis' most recent book on my to read list.