Summer 2010 Road Trip – Day 4 -Buffalo Wyoming to the Black Hills of South Dakota

Coming down into Buffalo, Wyoming through the mountains the terrain looked like Switzerland with snow covered peaks and green meadows full of wild flowers. Everyone has been telling us how lucky we have been with the
weather. Apparently they had a dry winter until May which was very wet and gray. Now everything is verdant and green with streams full of water. We have had lots of sun and blue sky.

After spending the night in Buffalo we drove to Devil's Tower National Monument. The remains of an old volcano core towers 1200 plus feet above the surrounding terrain. It was a beautiful warm day and we hiked the 1.3 mile trail around the tower.


We also stopped to take pictures of the prairie dog town off the road on the way out.



We have been stopping most days to fix a picnic lunch at some scenic spot. Our lunch stop on Wednesday was particularly nice.


Wednesday night we camped in a beautiful campground by a lake in the Black Hills. About midnight we were awakened by wind, lightening, thunder, and a torrential downpour. I really though the tent might be shredded and blow away but we held our ground and the tent kept us dry.