9800 Savage Road by M.E. Harrigan

In the fall of 1973 I was a senior at Iowa State University
finishing up my degree in Computer Science. Several times a week I went to the
placement office and signed up for interviews with companies who were coming on
campus to interview. After the on campus interviews I was sometimes called for
follow up interviews at the company’s headquarters. It was a heady experience flying
all over the U.S. imagining myself living and working in the city I was interviewing in.   Probably the most unusual
interview I had was a two day interview in Baltimore with the National Security
NSA does super secret work figuring out foreign signals intelligence.

The interviewers couldn’t tell me what I would be working on
and part of the interview process was taking 
a lie detector test. Unfortunately they had to get me a security
clearance before they could offer me a job and they told me it would be several
months before I could get a job offer. I had been working at Boeing in Seattle
for three or four months when I finally got their job offer. I’ve always kind of
wished I had gone to work for them.

This is my draft security clearance application. I occasionally pull it out if I wan to remember one of the many addresses I had as a child.


I just finished reading 9800 Savage Road by M.E. Harrigan.  
Harrigan worked for NSA for thirty seven years. 9800 Savage Road is her first novel and it was
great. It was a story of  espionage and murder inside the NSA complex and in Afghanistan. It was full of suspense and very believable. I could easily imagine myself in the middle of what was going on. I don't think anyone has ever written a story set inside the NSA which makes the book even more interesting.

I would highly recommend it.