Road Trip – Fort Francis Ontario to Reno Nevada

I am home again in Reno, back from a road trip/fishing trip to northern Ontario. Duke and I drove a total of 4368 miles. On the trip home we left Fort Francis, Ontario last Wednesday and spent Wednesday night at the Spruce Lake Bed and Breakfast in Keewatin, Ontario. Thursday night was in Brandon, Manitoba. Friday night was at the Historic Reesor Ranch in south western Saskatchewan.


Saturday night was at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton National Park in Alberta.


Sunday night was at Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier Park Montana.

My Dad broke a hip and ended up in the hospital while we were gone. My sisters, daughters and good friend Linda all took care of him and now he is in rehab and doing surprisingly well after giving everyone a real scare.  So we cut our trip short and  Monday drove the 1000 miles home to Reno.

The pictures we took on the way home are on Flickr here along with the pictures from the first part of the road trip. I've included a couple more below.