Reading – Returning to Earth by Jim Harrison and The Increment by David Ignatius

The Increment by David Ignatius
If you want to read a good spy novel The Increment by David Ignatius is
it. I read it on my Kindle in a couple of days and couldn't put it
down. The book is about the Iranian nuclear program and the American
and British intelligence services. It seems very timely and authentic. It was very entertaining summer reading.

Returning to Earth by Jim Harrison
The Reno Newcomers Club book club selection this month was Returning to Earth by Jim Harrison. I finished reading it last week and the meeting was yesterday. The book is about death and mourning and a family in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Given the subject matter the book is surprisingly,  a hopeful book. I didn't find it at all depressing but instead really enjoyed it.

Jim Harrison is a poet and there is a lot of poetry in his writing. This is a character driven book without a plot and I found that I really cared about the characters. Harrison is also a cookbook writer and his food descriptions, especially the wild berry pies were mouth watering.