Irrational Optimism

I read both conservative and liberal blogs.

I like Digital Rules by Rich Karlgaard on the right and Robert Reisch's Blog on the left, to name just two.
In all cases I enjoy thoughtful discussion and am always depressed by extremism.

I was especially depressed recently when one of my Dad's doctors in all seriousness told us that he believes that Obama is a sleeper cell agent of terrorists. And then even more depressing the next day a blackjack dealer openly displayed her racism when she told us she was appalled that we might actually elect a black man. Both of these people are in professions that usually keeps their political opinions to themselves which makes you wonder  if they are just the tip of the iceberg. Depressing!!

For me the bottom line is in a comment I recently made on another Blog.

In either case you have to hope.
If I vote for McCain I am hoping he will be more like he used to be
before he ran for president and will not be like he is now….
pandering to the far right.

If I vote for Obama I am hoping that in spite of his liberal voting record he will govern from the center.

It probably comes down to irrational optimism in both cases. I'm inclined to believe in Obama more than McCain.