Six months at Intuit

I’ve been working at Intuit for six months now. It seems like a good time to step back and think about my impressions of my first six months. Keep in mind that my impressions are  parochial. I have a view of my little corner of the company and the project I am working on. Your mileage may vary. But I don’t think my experiences are necessarily atypical.

My view of Intuit is also colored by the fact that this is the first individual contributor job I  have had in a long time. I’m managing the customer care organization for PortfolioMinder. But right now it is just me. This is by design and absolutely the right strategy and what I signed up for. Up until now If things were going to get done to build the customer care organization I’m pretty much the one who did them. I’m starting to bring customer care agents on but these first six months have been very much about doing instead of managing. I have enjoyed it. I certainly had stints at Sun when I wasn’t managing but I was always getting things done through people.

I have to smile a bit because I think I am getting payback for all the meetings I scheduled as a manager. I thought my meetings were really important and I think I discounted people’s complaints about too many meetings. Now I am feeling the reality that when you are in a meeting you aren’t getting tangible things done. I always knew that intellectually, but now I am really feeling the pain of having to work extra hours to get things done around the meetings.

On the other hand the meetings are also a sign of one of the many things that are right about Intuit. I truly feel that my opinions count and that I am making a very real contribution to my group and to PortfolioMinder.  My group makes a very big effort to keep every one informed and I think we are a much more effective team because of  it. I really appreciate the attitude towards employees at Intuit. We are encouraged to have a balanced life and not work 16 hours a day.

Intuit has a very strong culture of being customer focused. From what I have seen they don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk. Intuit is known for its emphasis on the user experience. From what I have experienced it is part of the DNA of the company. We have had more contextual interviews, end to end user experience discussions, and reviews of the user interface than anywhere I have ever worked. It would be very easy as we push to deliver our product to say we’ll worry about the user later. But we really are researching what works and making changes as a result of it. Even though at times it is frustrating I know that at the end it will be better product.

I heard an interesting story in an all hands meeting the other day. Apparently Steve Bennett was talking to some people and they asked him if Intuit hires anthropologists. He answered "Why would I hire one anthropologist when I have 7000?" There is no doubt that we pride ourselves on listening to consumers and knowing what they want. I would agree that it is a very real part of the Intuit DNA.

All of our goals are structured around Intuit’s three stakeholders; customer, stockholders and employees. I not only see the emphasis on employees and customers that I described above, but I definitely see a focus on shareholders. There is a strongly articulated understanding of and commitment to the need to fuel the growth of the company and to do it for the long haul not just for the next quarter.

So what are my impressions? I just took my first annual employee survey. I like working here. I like the company vision, strategy and focus and I would recommend Intuit to others. I think we have a bright future.

Author: marionvermazen

I am a traveler, hiker, avid reader, Sun alumnus, computer geek, Spanish and French language student, knitter and genealogist. I am retired after working for almost 30 years in the Computer Industry. I live in Reno, Nevada with my husband Duke.

7 thoughts on “Six months at Intuit”

  1. I’ve recently applied at Intuit and had my first round of phone interviews. Reading your blog post is reassuring. My number one reason for wanting to leave my current position is that there is extremely little focus on the end user. Intuit’s philosophies fit right within what I would expect of any company. Thanks for the blog post — even if it is two years old. And wish me luck!


  2. I left Intuit in October of 2005. I was laid off after the product I was working on was cancelled. I decided to not look for another job and so I retired and moved with my husband to Reno. Intuit was a good place to work for me. I have recommended it to friends. I worked with a lot of people in Tucson and I visited seeral times. They were great people and I think they would say it was a good place to work too. Good luck to those of you who are looking for a job at Intuit!


  3. I just had my first interview @ intuit and being online advertising I have to say that working at intuit would be a dream and a personal dream of mine. are u stil working @ intuit? if not what are ur impressions of the company? and what is your advise to anybody trying to gget in the door?


  4. Here is my reply to SEO San Diego:
    You commented on my blog and asked me if I was still working at Intuit and about advice for getting hired. Perhaps you have already been hired. I only worked for Intuit for about a year and a half. The product that I was working on was canceled and I was laid off almost exactly 2 years ago. I am retired now. Intuit is a good company that moves very slowly. One thing you certainly have to have to get hired there is patience and persistence.
    They really pride themselves on understanding the user experience so that kind of knowledge and experience is useful.


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