Sam Francisco Bay shoreline

One thing that has always surprised me about the San Francisco Bay area is how Little the bay shoreline is used by the public for recreation and as expensive housing. I suppose it is because so much of the shoreline is industrial  You would still  think that there would be parks and restaurants and housing ringing the bay and on the whole there isn’t. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of places where you can go for a hike out by the bay but  If you want solitude the bay is often the place to find it.

I like to go places I’ve never been before. This evening Duke and I went for a hike at Oyster Bay in San Leandro just south of the Oakland airport. It was a beautiful night. The sun was setting over the peninsula and we had the park to ourselves. We sat on a bench overlooking the bay, watched the planes and enjoyed the sunset. The trail goes right along the shore. The park is still being developed and used to be a landfill. On the shore side it backs up to a recycling facility. I bet that 100 years form now this and many other areas along the bay will be parks and housing.  I have to believe that some day the San Francisco bay shoreline will be  a desirable address but it sure isn’t now.