I haven’t been posting much lately but I’m going to turn that around starting now. I’ve been doing some traveling lately. As I mentioned a few weeks ago I made my first business trip to Tucson where Quicken Solutions Group  Customer Support is headquartered. I finally got to meet all my co-workers there. Intuit’s fiscal year starts in August so we were doing planning for the new fiscal year.

We also did a great video scavenger hunt as a team building exercise. I usually hate these kinds of things and I went in with a bit of a ‘let’s get this over with’ attitude. But it turned out to be a lot of fun and definitely was a team builder. The goal was to earn points by completing tasks off a list and video taping us completing our tasks. One task was to have a stranger do a celebrity impersonation. One of the women in our group has horses so we went out to  see her horses and one of them impersonated Seabiscuit and the other did a great  Mr Ed impersonation complete with "oh Wilburrrr!" Another requirement was to make a three minute movie using only lines from this list . I think our movie was definitely the best. We ended up at a great restaurant in Tucson, had dinner and watched all the  movies. I was totally impressed with what a wonderful group I work with, all they have accomplished this past year and what fun the scavenger hunt turned out to be.

My second trip was this past weekend. Duke left Wednesday to  take his twin daughters to college in LA.  I flew down to join him Thursday night.  I got to see my daughter Shannon and see Duke’s girls dorm and campus. Then Duke and I took the rest of the weekend to drive back up the coast. On the way home we visited the Reagan Presidential library, strolled through downtown Santa Barbara, played a little blackjack and poker at the Chumash casino, and tasted wine at San Marcos Creek Vineyard.

One of my goals is to visit all of the presidential libraries. I’ve been to the Kennedy library,  the Johnson library, and now the Reagan library. I’d like to do research at each library but so far have not even started that. If you could research one thing in Reagan’s papers what would it be?

So now we are empty nesters!

Author: marionvermazen

I am a traveler, hiker, avid reader, Sun alumnus, computer geek, Spanish and French language student, knitter and genealogist. I am retired after working for almost 30 years in the Computer Industry. I live in Reno, Nevada with my husband Duke.

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