Road Trip – Hagerman Fossil Beds, Craters of the Moon, and EBR-1 AtomicMuseum

We have finished day two of our 2015 road trip. We drove 320 miles today and are at the Blue Heron B&B on the Snake River just north of Rigby, Idaho. I can't remember for sure but I think we have stayed here 4 times before. It is a wonderful place. We stopped in Idaho Falls to pick up food for dinner then shared a bottle of wine and ate dinner on the deck overlooking the river!

It was a great day. Our first stop was the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument. It is along the Snake River and the Oregon trail. Over 200 different species of plant and animal fossils have been found here including many discovered here for the first time. The "Hagerman Horse" is a prehistoric horse discovered here. There aren't any fossils to see in the field but the visitor center was very interesting.

Next we went to Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. The most recent eruption there was about 2000 years ago. The lava formations and cinder cones a unearthly. It was VERY windy but we climbed a cinder cone and later found a spot for a picnic lunch.


Our last stop of the day was the EBR-1 Atomic Museum Which is a National Historic Landmark. On December 20, 1951 it was the first power plant in the world to produce electricity from Nuclear energy. We did a self guided tour through the whole facility and even got to go into the reactor. Very cool!

If you would like to see all my pictures I am adding them to a Dropbox shared folder here or I have created an iCloud shared photo stream. Let me know if you would like to send you an invite.

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The Start of Our September, 2015 Road Trip

Duke and I left Reno this morning on the start of a grand adventure. There’s not much to report today but I’m going to try to blog every day. We didn’t bring a laptop, just my iPad. I am learning to use Blogsy. We will see how this goes!
We have a five week Road trip planned. We will go through Glacier National Park into Canada, then across Canada to Lake of the Woods to do some fishing, then back into the U.S. To Minneapolis and down to Manchester, Iowa where we will attend Duke's 45th High School Reunion. From there we will head down the Mississippi and back across the southwest to Home to Reno. Today was the long drive across Nevada to the town of Jackpot on the Idaho border. We stayed here a few weeks ago at the beginning of our camping trip.

The highlight of the trip Today was watching all the people and their paraphernalia heading to Burning Man which started today. Black Rock City the camp in the Black Rock Desert that is Burning Man will be the third largest City in Navada this week! All the way along our route we saw lots of people heading to Burning Man. Fernley is the town where the Burners get off Interstate 80 and head north into the desert. When we stopped for fuel It was a zoo and lots of fun to people watch.