Day 4 of  our Southwest Road Trip – Sedona to Phoenix

This morning we drove south from Sedona and hiked the Bell trail. The trail goes up a canyon in the Mogollon Rim created by Beaver Creek. The Mogollon Rim is a 200 mile long escarpment that marks the south edge of the Colorado Plateau.

The trail is an out and back trail. We hiked a little over seven miles. It was a nice trail.

And at the end there was a big swimming hole called The Crack. Lots of kids were jumping off the cliffs into the water.

On the way back to the car we passed lots and lots of people hiking in. The swimming hole must have been packed.

After the hike we drove to Phoenix where we will be staying for the next couple of days.

Sedona – Day 3 of our Southwest U.S. Road Trip

This morning we got an early start on our hike. We went to Devil’s Arch.

Just before I walked out onto the arch to have my picture taken a young couple walked out onto the arch. As I watched, the guy pulled a box out of his pocket, got down on one knee and proposed to the young woman. She collapsed in tears of joy and everyone within sight broke out in cheers and applause. It was a wonderful moving moment.

The hike to the arch was lovely.

Next we drove to Montezuma Castle National Monument. To quote the brochure; “Southern Sinagua farmers built this five story, 20-room dwelling sometime between 1100 and 1300.”

Then we went to Tuzigoot National Monument. It is “the remnant of  a Southern Sinagua village built between 1000 and 1400. ”

We stopped in Jerome, an old mining town on the side of a mountain.

We went to our room to clean up and rest a bit then drove out of town to check out the red rock at sunset.

And had pizza for dinner.

Las Vegas to Sedona – day 2 of our Southwest U.S. road trip

We left Las Vegas at about 9 this morning and headed into Arizona.  Around lunch time we stopped in Flagstaff at the Museum of Northern Arizona. We had a picnic lunch and then toured the museum. They have a lot of artifacts and information about the different people who have lived in this area over the centuries, and about the geology and animals of the area.

Tonight we are in Sedona. We didn’t do the planned hike today but we did do a lovely stroll up to the top of the hill in the resort where we are staying. The sunset lit up the red rock surrounding us.

Beginning of our 2017 Southwest Road Trip

Duke and I left today on a two week road trip. You can see a map of our planned route here.

Today we drove from Reno to Las Vegas. We stopped for a picnic lunch in Tonapah.

Tonapah has a fancy Tessa charging station that seemed a bit out of place in this small town in the middle of the Nevada desert. I guess if you want to drive from Reno to Las Vegas in your Tesla you need a place to charge your batteries.

We decided that we would try to hike on most days of this trip. I spent some time during the last few weeks picking a hike for each day of the trip. I wasn’t sure we would be able to do the planned hike today. The temperature high for Las Vegas was predicted to be 102. When we turned off the highway towards the trailhead it was 99 but by the time we got to the trailhead up in the mountains it was 75, perfect hiking weather!  We hiked the Fletcher Canyon Trail in the Spring Mountains. It was a great hike. 3.2 miles was perfect after sitting in the car all day.

There may not be many food pictures on this trip.  We ate in the Italian restaurant at the Westgate Casino/Hotel where we are staying. We enjoyed watching the Italian scenery being scrolled across the screens next to our table.