Plasencia to Ciudad Rodrigo

Before leaving Plasencia Thursday morning we walked around the historic center checking out the churches and historic buildings.

Next we stopped at an Aldi grocery store to buy food for our planned picnic dinner.

When we left Plasencia Thursday morning our first stop was the lookout Mirador Monte Valcorchero. It gives a panoramic view of Plasencia and all the surrounding countryside and the fields surrounding the lookout are covered with cork trees. In the picture below you can see where the cork bark has been stripped of the lower trunk of the tree.

We took backroads to Ciudad Rodrigo driving through thinly populated mountains.

Our Parador in Ciudad Rodrigo is in a former castle. We checked in then climbed to the top of the tower and walked around the wall.

For dinner we had a picnic in our room.

Author: marionvermazen

I am a traveler, hiker, avid reader, Sun alumnus, computer geek, Spanish and French language student, knitter and genealogist. I am retired after working for almost 30 years in the Computer Industry. I live in Reno, Nevada with my husband Duke.

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