Juneau – Thursday June 21, 2018

Duke and I make it a habit to visit and tour State capitals whenever we get the chance. We have a spreadsheet at home to keep track but I think that together we have been to about 26. Today we enjoyed the self guided tour of the Alaska State Capital.

Several framed old newspaper front pages were hanging on the table walls. I thoroughly enjoyed perusing them and in some cases remembering where I was when the event happened.

I also liked the earrings framed with the picture of former State Senator Bettye Fahrenkamp. She wore them during Senate floor sessions. In one ear and out the other!

After exploring the Capital we went to the Juneau-Douglas City Museum. It is a small museum but it had a lot of interesting information about the history of fishing, mining, and politics in the Juneau area. I had a lot of fun with the exhibits.

Finally we browsed the stores and walked up and down the boardwalk beside the three gigantic cruise ships that were in Juneau for the day.

By the time we finished dinner two of the ships had departed. A lady in one of the shops told me they have cruise ships in port every day for five months.