Deja Vu all over Again

Talk about coming full circle. The PortfolioMinder group moved from Intuit building 3 to Intuit building 2 over the weekend. The strange coincidence is that I am now sitting about 10 feet from where I had my first office at Sun almost 20 years ago. Back then it was Sun building 2, part of the Sun campus, which is now the Intuit campus. Today was the first day in the new office and it brought back lots of memories.

One of the people who sat near me way back then was Chuq. He was a
interesting person to talk to then and as you can see from his blog he
is a still an interesting person to have a conversation with.

I’ve done lots of other jobs in between, but my job has come full circle too.  Currently I am managing a group of people who do customer care for Intuit and twenty years ago I was managing software customer care for Sun.

Of course a lot has changed in twenty years too. When I started at Sun my daughters were 2 and 5. Today they are both college graduates. I’m older too of course but it sure doesn’t seem like twenty years!

Dinner and a Play

Some friends and I went to San Francisco for dinner and a play a couple of weeks ago. The play we saw was written and performed by Leslie Beam who used to work at Intuit. The play was sex, Lies and Instant Messaging.  She did a wonderful job. The show was entertaining, thought provoking and fun. You couldn’t help but laugh at Leslie’s on-line dating and relationship experiences. I really admire people who have a dream and go for it. That is what Leslie did.

For dinner we went to Canteen. My friend Pat always makes our dinner reservations when we go out and she always picks wonderful places. Canteen was no exception. I highly recommend it. It is a tiny little gourmet restaurant with excellent food. It only seats 20 so reservations are hard to get but Canteen is well worth planning ahead for. I noticed when I read the Examiner review (linked to above) that they are open for breakfast. I’ll add that to my list of fun things I want to do. I just called Canteen. Their recording says that they do not take reservations for breakfast or lunch.

PortfolioMinder launched.

PortfolioMinder was released on Friday!! It is very exciting. We called it our soft launch because we only support one financial institution, Schwab. It is exciting to be creating a whole new software product but I find that like a new baby it is consuming me. I wake up in the morning thinking about PortfolioMinder and I spend way to much time working. It is pushing a lot of other stuff out of my life. Like Blogging. I haven’t posted here in almost three weeks. 

I’m really trying to maintain a work life balance but it is hard. I am really enjoying helping to create the PortfolioMinder end to end experience.  We have a blog (which I haven’t posted to yet) We have a forum. We have formed a network of financial advisors and other people interested in financial planning who are supporting the product. All of us are learning a lot every day and there is so much yet to learn and do. Building a support team who live all over the U.S. an exciting challenge but I’ve got a group of really great people to support the product.

We’ll be doing our marketing launch in the next month or so and will be supporting more financial institutions. Ameritrade and TD Waterhouse will be the next ones we support. That will be our marketing launch.

It is great to finally be selling PortfolioMinder. It should be an interesting next few months.



Sun and Calendaring

I’ve been at Intuit 3 months now. Moving from the Sun Solaris, Java Desktop, SunRay environment to the Laptop Windows environment has been very interesting. There is a lot of stuff that just works better on SunRay and I know life is easier when you don’t have to be your own system administrator but there is one thing that is a big improvement at Intuit. Calendaring. People (especially admins) at Sun spend hours and hours setting up meetings mainly using email. When I occasionally used to go to an admin and ask him or her to set up a big meeting  the admin would usually cringe. The amount of back and forth to figure out when  people were available was daunting.

I know Outlook has enormous security issue but does it ever make calendaring and setting up meetings easy. At Intuit you just look at every ones  calendar in Outlook pick a meeting time and send the email. When someone accepts  a meeting the meeting automatically gets added to his or her calendar. You can propose alternate times and also build the meeting room scheduling and  conference call scheduling right into your meeting announcement.

I know that the IT group at Sun has plans to address calendaring in the future. Having worked at Sun for 18 years I didn’t know what I was missing.